1966 Finding my roots: Another great Omaha experience in my Dad’s old “hood”

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1966 PHOTO: Lutheran Ministry Center’s annual Palm Sunday march around the Logan Fontenelle housing projects

What about reparations for African American women?

It happens in other cultures and countries. Austria, France, South Africa and France are among the countries that provide financial and mental health reparations to victims of past atrocities.

Check out what Gwen McKinney has to say about this hot topic:

Proud to share our latest podcast, Reparations: Beyond Acres and the Mule.  Along with the policy implications, reparations comes with the human saga.  We feature scholar/historian/civil rights champion Mary Frances Berry who shares the story of Callie House, a formerly enslaved washer woman who struck the first blow for repatriation and repair as the little-known mother of the reparations movement. We also give voice to a multigenerational chorus of sister warriors including Rosemarie Mealy, Nkechi Taifa, Robin Rue and Dreisen Heath.  True to our mission, the podcast advances narratives that unerase the truths of Black women, often maligned and marginalized in both the historical and contemporary record.  Please take a listen HERE from our website or visit whatever streaming service you prefer for Unerased Kitchen Table Talks.

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1. How can you measure the damage from 4 centuries of bondage and soul pillage? In the latest @UnerasedBWS podcast episode, we explore the human toll of reparations. Tune in, subscribe, share!

2. Will we see reparations come to fruition? Meet advocates from the National African American Reparations Commission leading the way to institute federal reparations laws in the latest @UnerasedBWS podcast episode. Tune in, subscribe, share! https://unerasedbws.com/reparations-beyond-the-acres-and-the-mule/

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There is nothing like an obituary to relay a great story about your loved ones

Who knew that my friend and fellow member of Atlanta’s Hillside International Truth Center, was also an expert obituary writer? I didn’t until one day when we discussing the 2020 transition of our spiritual leader, Bishop Dr. Barbara Lewis King.

Obituaries are valued in the field of expert storytellers. As genealogists, we routinely seek new and verified information about loved ones and folk we don’t know as well from their obituaries.

Connect with the professional obituary association and its numerous members’ listing should provide you with an excellent selection of professional obituary writers such as Tony. Here’s his listing:

Tony Lamair Burks II

Dr. Tony Lamair Burks II first learned the art and craft of storytelling from his four grandparents in lower Alabama. He is an award-winning education expert who coaches and trains leaders for excellence as chief learning officer of LEADright. His stories about school and life have appeared in newspapers, blogs and books around the world. He has written six books and contributed to four. He is passionate about helping others tell their stories. For over a quarter of a century, he has written, co-written and ghost-written obituaries and funeral orations. He has served as the interim director of a publishing house, and he currently leads a series of interactive workshops — Unleashing Your Untold Healing Story​ and ​Writing Your Story​ — to help others unearth and release stories that have been held deep within.

A special view of an African slave voyage reenactment in 3D

Check out this magnificent and insightful view into a horrific situation.

Recreated, 3D Slave Ship, L’Aurore, traces the travels of African captives during the awful TransAtlantic Slave Trade. https://www.slavevoyages.org/voyage/ship#slave-

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