Honoring 2021 HBCU college graduates — Pre- and during Coronovirus Pandemic

Florida Sen. Bobby Powell (D-30) Minority Leader Pro Tempore, a Florida A&M University alumni acknowledging his fellow Rattlers at a pre-COVID-19 pandemic Homecoming event. He was his alma mater’s 2021 MLK Day Convocation speaker.


Our ancestor, the geat Cicely Tyson, captured the best advice for the COVID-19 HBCU college grads to continue to lean forward and press on: You can do all things granted by the great Spirit.


Black folk are attaining college bachelor’s degrees at an increasing rate, according to Pew researchers .


… Yet, it was just 3 – 4 generations ago, that our black, enslaved and post-slavery ancestors were not allowed to read or write. It was illegal for slaves to be literate.

Why? It was a “security” and “insurance” issue for slave holders. I hope our newest college graduates understand that their education is considered the same in the society that once endorsed slavery.

In the early 1900s, our ancestors cherished education, no matter the conditions.


Celebrate. No whining. Work smart. Move forward.

In summary, that has been my message for decades as I have had a strong hand in fully educating thousands of students, primarily African American students on five college and university campuses.

Ada Foster, mother of cousin Florida Fisher Parker (widow of Cousin Ret. Col. Herbert Parker) was a rarity as a college graduate in the early 1900s.


The Best Inspirational Quotes for Graduates of Color

 Best Inspirational Quotes for Graduates

 Best Inspirational Quotes for Graduates

 Best Inspirational Quotes for Graduates

 Best Inspirational Quotes for Graduates

 Best Inspirational Quotes for Graduates

Create your history. Be real and effective, Class of 2021.

Author: Learning family histories

Our genealogy traces our family from western and central Africa and western Europe. Our ancestors entered the United States at the Virginia and Georgia Ports. First cousins Mark Owen and Ann Lineve Wead (it is protocol to use the maiden names of females in genealogy searches) are responsible for writing this blog. Although Ann has been involved in genealogy research while searching for certain ancestors since the age of 10, the cousins began deeper research of their families during the COVID-19 Pandemic Year of 2020. Devoting as much as 6 hours some evenings to the methodical training and research of genealogy, the cousins completed the year 2020 by earning genealogy certificates. Join us. @goodgenesgenealogy on wordpress and fb, twitter Sign up for our blog and enjoy the journey.

One thought on “Honoring 2021 HBCU college graduates — Pre- and during Coronovirus Pandemic”

  1. Excellent information and healing messages. Congratulations to the 2021 HBCU graduates.
    A HBCU graduate grandmother


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